Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to share God’s love, always and with everyone.

Lenten Information:
The Church emphasizes the penitential nature of Ash Wednesday by calling us to fast from food between meals (fasting) and abstain from eating meat (abstinence). Catholics who are over the age of 18 and under the age of 60 are required to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, which means that they can eat only one complete meal and two smaller meals during the day, with no food in between.  Catholics who are over the age of 14 are also required to abstain from eating any meat, or any food made with meat, on Ash Wednesday as well as every Friday during Lent.  Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are the only two days that require both abstinence and fasting, though many Catholics also choose to fast on other Fridays during Lent.

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Mass Times & Locations (Regular)

Monday Communion Service at Osakis 8:00 am
Tuesday Mass at Galeon Nursing Home 10:00 am
Wednesday Mass at Belle River 8:30 am
Thursday Mass at Osakis 9:00 am
Friday Mass at Osakis first Friday of each month only 8:00 am
Saturday Reconciliation at 3:00 pm; Mass at Osakis 4:00 pm
Sunday Mass at Belle River 8:30 am
Sunday Mass at Osakis 10:30 am

Mass Times & Locations (Special)

Holy Week & Easter
Thursday, April 13th (Holy Thursday):
  7:00pm Mass in Osakis ONLY
Friday, April 14th (Good Friday):  3:00pm Communion Service at BOTH Belle River & Osakis
Saturday, April 15th (Easter Vigil):  8:30pm (Dusk) Mass in Osakis ONLY
Sunday, April 16th (Easter):  8:30am Mass in Belle River; 10:30am Mass in Osakis